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Alfa Laval MAPX 207 Purifier

MAPX 207 Alfa Laval Purifier

MAPX 207 is completely reconditioned Alfa Laval Oil Purifier. Alfa Laval MAPX 207 Purifier makes use of centrifugal force to filter and separate fine solids and other impurities contained in the oil, which cannot be filtered normally. MAPX 207 Alfa Laval Purifier with its high velocity of disc bowl centrifuge helps to separate the fluid which is continuously pumped through it.

Alfa Laval MAPX 207 Oil Separator separates the fluid into two parts with the high speed of bowl and gravitational force acting to it. One part is heavy consisting of water sludge and the other part is light which consists of oil, both the parts are moved away through separate outlets of separator.

Uses / Applications:

  • MAPX 207 Oil Separators are mainly used on ships to improve the quality of the oil through the purification process.
  • Alfa Laval MAPX 207 Purifier is also used in other industries such as beverage, milk dairy, power stations and oil industries.
  • Purification of the oil removes unwanted fine solids and other impurities.
  • Helps in reducing engine wear / emissions and possible breakdown.


1 MAPX 207 SGT 14-60 2953298, 2953299 2 PCS


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