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Alfa Laval Purifiers S 300, S 831 & S 835

Alfa Laval S 300, S 831 & S 835

Alfa Laval Separators S 300, S 831 and S 835 are the most efficient fuel and lube oil separators that Guma Tech has in it’s stocks. It automatically adjusts to the nature of the oil, for better performance and maximum economy from the fuel. It has a robust drive system that adds to the S separators’ reliability and reduces the life-cycle costs.

S-separation systems from Alfa Laval are easy to use and cost effective. Purifiers are used with oils of known density. They are compact in size and are dependable because of their construction. Their design helps in producing minimum sludge. S Separator gives optimum performance for light fuel and lube oils.

Alfa Laval S 300 Separator:

Alfa Laval S 300 Purifier is very easy to use with low operating cost. It has innovative design which helps to produce minimum sludge.

Alfa Laval S 831 Separator:

Alfa Laval S 831 Purifier features Alfa Laval’s unique “Alcap Technology” which improves its efficiency of purification of various types of oil.

Alfa Laval S 835 Separator:

Alfa Laval S 835 Purifier purifies marine oils with a process called centrifugation. It gives optimum performance in purification of light fuel and lube oils.

Uses / Applications:

  • Fine solids and other impurities can be removed from engine oil, diesel Oil, lube Oil.
  • Mainly used on ships in engine room to purify the oil stored on ships in large quantities for continuous running of the ship.
  • Engine wear, emissions and possible breakdown are reduced by purifying the oil using the separator.
  • Can be used to separate solids and liquids in milk dairy, oil industries and power stations.

Products & Specifications:

1 S 300 4113581, 4113518 2 PCS
2 S 831 4148673 1 PC
3 S 835 4130515 1 PC


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