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OSA 35-02-066

TYPEOSA 35-02-066
SRL. NO.1663943, 1663944, 1663953 , 1663954, WITHOUT NAME PLATE
DESCRIPTIONWestfalia OSA 35 Oil Separator is a disc centrifuge used for purification of mineral oils. Westfalia centrifuge used on various ships and power stations for cleaning the contaminated oils by removing water and sludge from it. Westfalia OSA 35 Centrifuge Functions: [1] Maximum bowl speed of 6600 rpm. [2] 25 HP motor drives 460/3/60 Hz. [3] Gravity discharge for heavy phase [4] Pump for removal of light phase. It is perfect for application in separations relating to biodiesel fuel, lube oil, hydraulic oil, water and waste oils.
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